MBC - Be Lungworm Aware campaign for Bayer Animal Health

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Bayer Vet Centre

Over time, Bayer Animal Health had generated a mix of vet-only websites. The online presentation had become diluted, confusing and difficult to access. Bayer also had an online ordering system that was old and dysfunctional.

Our solution to this problem was The Bayer Vet Centre – an amalgamation of websites and resources onto one platform. The concept is simple: a functional and accessible tool that provides knowledge and information to grow and develop animal health businesses.

Ferenc Poelz (Country Division Head at Bayer) said “Bayer Vet Centre addresses the need to successfully communicate our campaigns to practices, so they can utilise our resources and receive the best possible benefits. Bayer will be able to share market trends and data, and also inform practices on how the market is developing”