Be Lungworm Aware 2016 for Bayer Animal Health

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Bayer – Be Lungworm Aware 2016

Bayer – Be Lungworm Aware 2016

This campaign was designed to raise awareness of Lungworm, a potentially deadly parasite affecting dogs. Our approach was to create
both veterinary push and consumer pull.

The integrated campaign spoke directly to dog owners and encouraged them to talk with their vet to prevent Lungworm. Vet education materials and advertising was designed to prepare vets, and to educate them on the causes and prevention protocols.

As an awareness campaign, this delivered substantial increases in awareness of Lungworm.


“In the first three weeks, the TV ad triggered an incredible 250,000 views on YouTube amassing to 1.2m views during the three month campaign period.

The website saw unprecedented traffic and smashed all KPIs.

Vet practices saw a dramatic increase in footfall with dog owners directly asking for Lungworm prevention treatments.”