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Vetoquinol – Flexadin Advanced

Vetoquinol – Flexadin Advanced

Flexadin Advanced had been available since 2013, but had a long period out of stock – and so achieved very low market penetration.  MBC were awarded the contract to effectively ‘relaunch’ this product. Flexadin Advanced is a joint supplement used in dogs that are prone to osteoarthritis. It uses a unique ingredient called UC-II (undenatured collagen type-II), that prevents the further breakdown of collagen in cartilage through the process of oral tolerisation.

The idea for campaign sought to promote the unique mode of action and benefit of the product – to overcome the perception of a ‘me too’ supplement.

UC-II is a unique ingredient and it’s importance and benefit needed to be made clear. This came to life in our concept ‘UCII.You see the difference’ supported by a playful yet intriguing visual of a lively, dynamic Skateboarding Springer Spaniel, with a contrasting ‘inactive’ shadow that created a strong visual representation of the product benefit.