We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them.

We offer workshops as part of our service offering. These often set the stage for brand or campaign development, and our clients find them invaluable.

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WORKSHOP 1 Marketing like you mean it

Marketing has traditionally been termed as ‘fluffy’, but if done in the right way, marketing can be anything but. Campaigns that are supported by a strong marketing strategy are the ones that generate results and the ones people remember.

This one-day workshop will cover all the necessary ground to create a strong strategic platform for your product, service or company that will ensure that your campaign is successful. If ‘fluffy’ isn’t what you’re about, isn’t it time to do marketing like you mean it?

WORKSHOP 2 Building a brain for your brand

Think about a brand like a person. A person can be judged on how they look, sound, think and behave. Most people think a brand is the logo or how it looks. More fundamental though, is how the brand thinks and behaves, which then should influence how it looks and sounds.

This one-day workshop will give you the knowledge and the tools to build a strong and purpose driven brand from the ground up. We will look at the fundamental questions when it comes to brand development, how to answer them and how to arrive at your brand’s very essence. This workshop will review your brand and attempt to define all those components that drive how it behaves. If a brand is like a person, then we’ll be building their brain.

WORKSHOP 3 Poor brief to super brief

The bane of every creative – a bad brief. Come on we’ve all done it, copied and pasted an old brief and tried to create a new one. But the importance of a good brief cannot be underestimated. It sets the direction for an entire campaign – Get that right, get it all right. Get it wrong, get it all wrong.

In this half-day workshop we’ll lead you through the jungle of briefing, to explain simply what constitutes a good brief. We’ll show you how best to organise your information to create a brief that’s clear, concise and gives creatives what they need to deliver you the best quality work.

What to expect from an MBC workshop

We believe in working collaboratively with clients. That means we don’t just take a brief from the client, we work with our clients to shape the brief.

The same is true when creating a brand or a go to market strategy. Our approach is highly valued by our clients, and results in work that is truly world-class.

The workshops themselves, are designed to be enjoyable, engaging and interactive. MBC personnel facilitate the workshop, providing the guidance and expertise that helps clients discover the answers that ultimately drives both brand and business growth (and wins a few awards along the way!).

Shall we get started?

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