Exonar’s USP is that they’re not your average ‘tech’ company. They’re unrestrained when innovating solutions and experiment to discover new and unexpected ways of solving business challenges. It is this proposition that we sought to bring-to-life through the brand strategy and visual identity that we created for Exonar. Taking our inspiration from the idea of ‘a single square of data’, ‘X’ representing the unknown and a quirky concept for the brand imagery – we created a visual ID for Exonar that truly set it apart from other tech brands.


We undertook a complete brand review, in which we workshopped and formulated the brand strategy with the client. This led to the development of a complete set of brand guidelines, including ToV and visual ID. In Exonar’s case, they wanted a set of editable templates and brand assets that they could adapt in-house, as required. We provided them with sales presenters, technical specification sheets and even a bottle label for some Chilli Sauce, amongst other deliverables!

“‘I absolutely love ‘Know your data. Know the truth! It works on so many levels, stands up to scrutiny across our people, product and approach and has huge legs creatively. Brilliant work!’”

Anna Cotton, Marketing Manager, Exonar

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