New Flexadin Advanced’s unique combination of a proven Chondroprotective agent (UC-II) and Phyto-therapy (Boswellia Serrata) makes it a more compelling choice than the default options available. Our concept sought to capture this idea of uniqueness and the synergy between these two ingredients by drawing a parallel with the special relationship that pet owners have with their pets. Targeted at vets, we created a series of visual executions that contained energy and movement – showing that with New Flexadin Advanced – pets and their owners can do more together.


As the lead creative agency, we developed a global launch campaign for this new product and delivered a toolkit of guidelines and assets to allow the campaign to be locally executed across 12 countries and 8 languages.

“The international campaign produced excellent results – countries which have either the old or the new formulation of Flexadin Advanced saw growth in sales turnover for the year to November 2019 of over 40%, and the countries that launched with the new Boswellia formulation also saw significant year-on-year growth.”

Isabelle Lê Quan DVM, International Range Marketing Manager.

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