Digital pre-visualisation has been around for many years but has never delivered a single vision of what the final VFX look like. But imagine a VFX preview that is literally ‘through the lens’, that gives an accurate rendition of the director’s vision in real-time. The new brand we created for Ncam centred around this core benefit. Visually, this came to life with our Nfinity mark. The Nfinity mark represents the lens used in the Ncam camera technology. Inspired by the idea of an infinity tunnel, it allows our audience to be able to see the future of their creative vision in real-time.


We undertook a complete brand review, in which we workshopped and formulated the brand and marketing strategy with the client. This led to the development of a complete set of brand guidelines, including ToV and visual ID, as well as a show-stopping website that set a new standard compared to competitors. We also supported the new brand with advertising and creative support at key international events.

To quote the client Christina Williams, Head of Marketing, Ncam Technologies, when talking about our ‘Build a brain for your brand’ workshop:

“I think it’s fair to say we all enjoyed the day and found it immensely valuable. I look forward to developing this further with you guys”

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