We sought educate them on β-mannans and then position Hemicell as the solution. We explained this in simple language, so they saw that by not dealing with it – they were losing out in big way. In short, we wanted to tell them… ‘Don’t feed the problem’. Creatively, we used a bold and different way to do this with typography – something that really stood out from the typical ‘chicken shot’ in the poultry press.


The campaign covered an internal re-launch of the product to get the sales team re-energised, followed by an unbranded β-mannans campaign that educated the market on the problem ß-Mannans. The final part of the activity was a Hemicell campaign to increase brand awareness of Hemicell as the ONLY possible answer, in a way that was straightforward and not too technical.


Veterinary Marketing Awards 2021

Farm Media Award

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