Neptra advert


Our client wanted a concept that would appeal to a global audience. Our ‘Dog whisperer’ concept uses the idea of Neptra’s one-dose message being whispered by a human to a dog, with one ear raised in anticipation. This conveys the notion of a valuable piece of information being passed on from the person to the dog – ideal for a global launch campaign that requires flexibility, inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. But where others had to try hard to make an impact, we ensured Neptra’s proposition was so strong that we could shout with a mere whisper.


As the global agency for the launch of this world-class product, we developed the brand guidelines, localisation toolkit and all the global comms, which were trans-created accordingly to suit to the needs of individual markets. We also undertook all the local campaign execution for the UK.

“In order to get where we are today – just before a very well-prepared launch of our new potential blockbuster brand – your contribution has been vital. I am convinced that we could not have achieved this without the very strong campaign idea, and visuals, that I have used in my numerous internal presentations and management team meetings.

This very strong branding for Neptra (first internally) was needed to obtain the executive support, funding and flexibility in the organization for this launch. It has worked very well and I am convinced that it will work just as well towards our customers. Your creative idea has caught me at the first pitch presentation and I am still very much convinced that we nailed it for the launch. Thank you for your ideas and effort to bring this to life and give Neptra a “face”.

Hanna Voll, Global Brand Manager for Neptra

Neptra brand guidelines
Neptra pull up banners

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