We conducted our ‘Build a brain for your brand’ workshop with them to define the key elements that would feed into their visual identity and tone of voice. are a challenger in the healthcare space with an ambition to be the leading voice when it comes to Search and SEO. Thus, the brand we helped them create was driven by the core idea of ‘Leading the change to improve lives, by making ‘search’ an integral part of healthcare.


We considered all elements of their current visual identity and looked at where improvements could be made. This included the logo which was updated to be more relevant to the core proposition. Visually, we gave their current identity a complete overhaul and developed a suite of graphic devices, chart styles, general imagery and hero images that focused on lifestyle and the ultimate benefit delivers – better patient outcomes.

To quote the client Hannah Watts, Associate Director | Head of Animal Health,  when talking about our ‘Build a brain for your brand’ workshop:

The workshop with MBC really helped us focus and draw out what we stand for as a brand. That meant we could leverage our USPs more effectively by reflecting them clearly in our new look and feel, thus really bringing our brand to life. MBC are always a pleasure to partner with, they listen, challenge and respond to deliver great work we’re all proud of

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