Smith & Whistle branding collateral
Smith & Whistle logo


Introducing SMITH & WHISTLE, the new Mayfair local from Sheraton. It provides friendly flare with a nod to the style and history of the hotel, its Mayfair surroundings, a 1930s ambience, and it doesn’t come without a cheeky plot. The identity we developed took inspiration from the fictional story of Detective Inspector Smith and his pursuit of legendary high class criminal Mr. William Whistle. Both frequent their local drinking hole where their common ground is banter and one-upmanship.


The respective personalities of Detective Inspector Smith and Mr. William Whistle have inspired the brand, from icons and illustrations to typography and copywriting. The brand identity is a beautifully layered sequence of detective versus criminal, and has been extremely well received by both client and customers alike.

Smith & Whistle illustrations
Smith & Whistle illustration at bar
Smith & Whistle print adverts

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