5 reasons creative agencies can be small but mighty

Planning on working with a new creative agency this year? Worried a smaller agency just won’t be able to turnaround work quickly enough or won’t have the necessary expertise and resources?

We completely understand your concerns, but the thing is, bigger doesn’t always mean better. As the worlds’ smallest global agency, we are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands. Why? Because although we are modest in size, we are huge on delivering creative solutions.

We take a look at why so many big brands choose smaller agencies and why it could be the right choice for your business.

  1. You’ll know exactly who you’ll be working with

There is nothing worse than being really impressed with an agency team, only to find they won’t be the ones working on your account. Unfortunately, this often happens with the bigger agencies, who roll out their version of Don Draper to impress you, but once they have secured the work, will pass it on to an in-house team you’ve never met.  You just have to hope it isn’t a team of interns on their first ever assignment!

Remember, pitch meetings aren’t just about finding out if an agency is able to do the work; they are also about chemistry. You’re potentially looking to build a long-term relationship, and for that there needs to be trust, empathy, and dare we say, at least a modicum of liking.

Smaller agencies are more likely to introduce you straight off to the team you will be working with, so you’ll be able to check you’re both on the same wavelength and are comfortable working together. If the chemistry is there from the get-go, chances are it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

  1. Just because it’s a bigger agency doesn’t mean you’ll get a bigger team

There’s no doubt out it, big agencies look impressive – big offices worldwide, fancy meeting rooms, posh coffee. But just because they employ 91,000 people globally, doesn’t mean your account team is going to be any bigger.

Account manager, creative director, copywriter, graphic designer – that’s pretty much who will be working on your account irrespective of the size of the agency. The only real difference with a bigger creative agency is you’ll be paying more to help keep them stocked up with posh coffee.

  1. Smaller agencies care more

Whether you’re a large brand with a massive budget or a smaller company dipping your toe in the water for the first time, you’ll want to get the best creative marketing service possible.

Problem is, with a lot of the bigger agencies, if you aren’t paying the big bucks, you’ll be pushed to the back of the queue.  Need something done tomorrow? Sorry, can only schedule the work in for next month. Want to talk to your account’s creative director? He’s away in New York on important business for a few weeks. How about talking to one of our interns?   Okay, we might be being a little unfair, but as a small agency all our clients are as important as each other. Just because you have a smaller budget, doesn’t mean you’ll get a substandard service or our undivided attention when you need it most.

  1. More accountability, better results

The great thing about smaller creative agencies is the fact that everyone is accountable for their work. Everyone already reports directly to the boss, so can’t hide behind an executive team or blame a senior partner if something goes wrong. That in turn means they will be more motivated to give their all for every piece of work they produce.

And, because smaller agencies don’t have the luxury of hiring a new person or setting up a new department for every new job, team members thrive on learning new skills and finding new ways of doing things. This shared sense of responsibility ensures the client gets the best work each and every time.

  1. Quicker, faster, more efficient

Jeff Bezos has a rule at Amazon – if a team cannot be fed by two pizzas then that team is too big! And thinking about it, it makes absolute sense. More people in a team means more emails, more phone calls, more bureaucracy – all things that just slow things down!

That’s one of the reasons why a lot of bigger companies use smaller marketing agencies. Their smaller teams enable them to work at a faster pace and go with the flow, as they don’t need to jump through so many approval loops or follow numerous time-sapping processes. And what client wouldn’t prefer a faster and more efficient service?

Want to find out more?

Choosing a creative agency is a massive decision no matter the size of your business, and it can be hard to know whether a bigger or smaller creative agency would suit you better. Why not call us for an initial conversation and give us the chance to have you at hello.

Posted by Kathryn.