The twelve highlights of 2020 (Yes there were some!)

‘Ouch!’ ‘Unsubscribe!’ ‘Why?’

When Twitter asked people to describe 2020 in one word, these were just some of the answers, but you know what, it hasn’t been all bad. Yes, it hasn’t been all sweetness and light, but there have been some positives.

So, we put our heads together and came up with what we think are the top 12 highlights of 2020.

  1. Not spending money on petrol

How many of us panic bought petrol before the first lockdown back in March and then suddenly realised in July that we had gone almost four months without buying any more?!

One of the unforeseen perks of working from home (and not visiting friends and relatives!) is that we don’t need to spend money on travelling. And that’s before we factor in the reduced wear and tear on cars.

  1. More time for DIY

Everyone has things they want to do around the house, whether it’s redecorating or mending that leaky tap, but when you’re working all day and relaxing at the weekends it can be hard to find time to do all those jobs.

Then 2020 came along! With more of us at home for longer, and with travel restrictions in place, it’s given us the time we need to really make our homes our castles. And for those of us with children, we’re had the pleasure (!) of them giving the walls a bit of a crayon make-over!

  1. Home workouts

How many times have we promised ourselves we would go to the gym or that fitness class after work only to decide at the end of the day we can’t be bothered? Well, 2020 has introduced us to a whole new world of fitness. True, celebrity fitness workouts have existed for as long as there have been celebrities, which means we’ve always been able to do home workouts, but the beauty of online fitness workouts is their sheer number and variety. The joy of being able to try out new things without the embarrassment of getting it wrong in front of strangers! And, if you do want to feel you’re not exercising on your tod, you always have the option of taking a live class.

But we think one of the best things about home workouts in 2020 is it has opened up the world of fitness to a whole new group of people. Surely that’s got to be a good thing?

  1. The resurrection of loungewear

Who would have thought that 2020 would have seen articles about ‘The best loungewear for working from home’? We certainly didn’t, but thinking about it, it certainly makes sense! After all, what are the alternatives? There is no point putting your best clothes on when you WFH, and while working in your pyjamas is nice now and again, after a few days it feels a little bit slovenly – not the best motivator for doing some work! And let’s face it, there is some very nice loungewear available.

  1. The post lockdown haircut

We never thought we would get so excited by a haircut, but we did! That wonderous moment, when we finally did something that felt vaguely normally and helped us feel a bit more like ourselves again.

And the award for best lockdown hair has to go to Jeremy Paxman – we feel for you Jeremy!

  1. Contactless drink orders

Would you rather queue at a bar in a pub for a drink or order it on your phone and have it delivered to your table? Thought so. Let’s hope this doesn’t disappear when Covid-19 does.

  1. BBQ lunches on weekdays

We all know we should take a proper break away from our computers at lunchtime, but we also know that when you’re working from an office, this hardly ever happens. So, we thank you 2020 for bringing back the lunch break.

With access to a proper, fully-equipped kitchen, it’s been so much easier to whip up a tasty lunch rather than having a sad sandwich. We’ve even been known to fire up the BBQ for a quick lunchtime burger.

  1. Five second commute

How great is it that you can just stumble out of bed and you’re immediately in your office?  No having to scrape ice off your car, getting stuck in traffic or being asked to pick up some milk on your way home. And we can’t help feeling that not commuting helps you be more productive, as you don’t start your day stressed up to the eyeballs.

  1. Captain Tom’s achievements

While many of us were snuggling up in our loungewear and promising ourselves that today we would do a Joe Wicks workout, Captain Tom was out there raising money for the NHS. And did you know he holds two Guinness World Records? One as the fundraiser raising the greatest amount of money in an individual charity walk, and one as the oldest person to have a number-one single on the UK charts. We salute you Captain Tom.

  1. Appreciating what’s important
    This year has been a shock to us all, but on the bright side, it has made us appreciate the little things in life. Suddenly that leaky tap doesn’t seem quite so important compared to not seeing your nearest and dearest for months on end. And why stress about not getting a supermarket delivery slot when people who are shielding can’t get out at all?

W H Davies famously wrote “We have no time to stand and stare”. Well, 2020 has given us that chance and we should seize it while we can.

  1. Spending more time with pets

We are all pet mad at MBC so it’s hardly surprising this is in second spot. Whether it’s walking the dog more frequently, being able to play more often with our cats, or spending more time with rabbits, hamsters and other assorted pets, you have to admit that our furry friends have really helped make lockdown more bearable. And who hasn’t enjoyed a video-conference call where a pet has made an unexpected guest appearance!?

But on a serious note, please remember a lockdown puppy (or kitten) is for life, not just for lockdown.

  1. Walks on a weekday

And our number 1 spot goes to the sheer pleasure of going for a walk on a weekday.

Yes, we know that when you’re in an office you can go for a walk at lunch time, but somehow it never happens. Maybe it’s because the very fact you have to ‘go to work’ makes you feel like you are out anyway, or maybe it’s just because you get too bogged down with work. Either way, we have loved the fact that we could go out with friends, or family, and spend a bit of time with them in the fresh air. And it’s also been great to  get to know the local area a bit better – it’s amazing what delights you can find on your own doorstep.

So, that’s our countdown for 2020. Yes, it’s been hard, but there have been things that have made us smile as well. However, we do hope 2021 is a better year for everyone.

Posted by Kathryn.