The Importance of Coffee Chatter

Coffee chatter is part of what makes great marketing, at least that’s what Rosh, our Creative Director thinks. Do you agree?

“In marketing you need those moments over a cup of coffee – the times when you’re stuck for an idea, and suddenly after having a chat with a colleague, you get that all-important flash of inspiration. If you work in marketing or any other creative sector, you’ll know exactly what I mean! Working from home means you miss out on that – talking to your cat or dog just isn’t the same! We have tried recreating those moments online, but it’s simply too staged. The whole joy of a these moments is that it just happens.

One thing that has surprised me about working remotely is that it’s still possible to run effective workshops for our clients. We’re so used to doing them face-to-face, that discovering they work just as well on Zoom was a bit of a revelation. As well as cutting down on unnecessary travel costs, we were able to hold them easily across different time zones – a definite positive to take away from lockdown.”

Posted by Rosh.