Missing Love Island?

As more offices open up, Jonathan, our business director, finally admits that he hasn’t missed the water cooler discussions on Love Island!

“I have to admit that after the novelty of working from home wore off, I did find myself missing the buzz of the office. There is a palpable energy that is just missing in your own home. It’s one of the reasons we have early morning and mid-afternoon online meetings to make sure we are all focused and energised. It’s also good to be able to call colleagues for a quick face-to-face chat whenever you need to brief in a creative project or review progress.

However, the one thing I have enjoyed about working from home is being able to really focus. Sometimes that’s hard to achieve in an office, what with the background buzz, interruptions and being side-tracked by what else is going on. And I don’t have to listen to the latest shenanigans from last night’s Love Island. A definite plus! ”

Posted by Jonathan.