If your marketing is lacking creative clarity – here’s how to fix it…

Whether you’re planning a new marketing campaign or building a brand are you confident your goals and expectations are fully aligned with your creative agency? Are you sure your brief is spot on and they will be able to deliver exceptional creative with minimum fuss?

If you’re dreading asking your creative agency to do anything, you’re not alone.  Poor creative can be down to a number of reasons, but most often it’s simply due to a lack of alignment between agency and client. This might be because your work isn’t top of their to do list (a common issue if you work with a big agency ) or simply because you not talking the same language. Either way you won’t get the results you deserve.

It’s why we have developed three workshops which serve as a strategic platform for building a brand or a campaign. Covering marketing, branding and briefing, they ensure everyone is in total agreement on the creative path ahead which ultimately leads to better briefs, better marketing and better business.

Not convinced? Then take a look at why our workshops should be an integral part of any marketing strategy.

Get to the heart of your message with our marketing and branding workshops

Working in isolation is not always conducive to producing the best work, which is why a marketing or branding workshop can really help fire up the creative juices.

Ideas, concepts, assumptions are all challenged and tested in a fully immersive environment where everyone gets to have their say. We won’t lecture you on how to build a brand identity or insist our campaign ideas are the right ones but work with you to reach that all-important ‘point of clarity’.

And one of the wonderful things about workshops is that quite often those throw-away comments are the turning point for creating something really special.

The bottom line is – discussions that emerge during a workshop would never happen if you simply wrote a brief and presented it to an agency, or if you developed your own marketing plan in isolation. Don’t believe us? Find out what Anna Cotton, Marketing Manager at Exonar had to say about the experience.

Workshops help get everyone’s buy-in

There is nothing better when everyone is delighted with a new campaign or brand identity, but more often than not there are always a few naysayers in the background.

That’s why workshops are so powerful. Workshops aren’t just about working with one marketing manager, but with everyone on the team. They are about bringing everyone into the process to ensure all stakeholders goals’ and expectations are aligned. If everyone is involved from beginning to fruition, then the final creative is going to be the stuff that dreams are made of.

And our workshops also serve another important purpose. It allows us to build great relationships with our clients. We don’t see ourselves as an external agency, but rather as an extension of a client’s team and our workshops help achieve that. Barriers are broken down and we start to treat each other as equal partners who are all in it together. The result: exceptional creative.

Go from poor brief to super brief with a briefing workshop 

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of briefs, which is why, we know that if the brief is good the results will be great, and if the brief is bad, well, the creative will be good, but it will take a look of stress and effort to get there!

Unfortunately, a lot of people underestimate the importance of a good brief and then wonder why the results either miss the mark or are just so-so. The thing is, a brief sets the direction for an entire campaign. Think of it as a roadmap – if some roads are missing, then there is a good chance you’ll get lost, or even worse never make it to your destination. That’s why a good brief is the starting point of a great campaign.

And it isn’t just about making the agency’s life easier, but also your own. There’s nothing worse than having to repeatedly go back with corrections, or even worse new ideas, because the creative just isn’t working. Not only does it waste time and money, but it’s also not great for the stress levels, especially if you’re up against a deadline.

Our half-day briefing workshops cut through the jungle of briefing and help you create a brief that’s clear, concise and gives creatives everything they need to deliver you the best quality work.

Book a workshop today

Our workshops are for any company or brand that feels it’s missing that ‘point of clarity’ so, if you’re interested in finding out how our workshops could help your team, please say hello.

And if you’re thinking it’s best to wait until we can meet face-to-face, find out why we think virtual workshops just might be the future.